2017 Updates


You can now edit timesheets and time entries in the past. This is a user-level permission that can be setup in Initiative Settings.
May - August

Planbox has is now fully responsive. Virtually all of the application's views (with the exception of the board view) adjust to the user's device and screen resolution.


You can now view a board by Iteration, Project or Status.

  • Adjustable default types for items
  • Redirect to last used view (boards vs items and tasks)
  • Improved board styling
  • Dropdown styling with long project names
  • Fix to start and end dates on move to history
  • Weekly view timelog fixes
  • Fix iterations with num (0) on import
  • Fix invalid dates preventing item display
Feb - You can now archive projects in a given Initiative. Archiving a project removes all items and tasks that are related to that project from view.

See Archiving a Project for more information.

Jan - You can now search for backlog items when you intend to make a task dependant on another. Previously backlog items would not appear in search results.

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