Using the iteration board (tiles)

In Planbox the Iteration Board is on the Items & Tasks page. It is a powerful tool and always close at hand. It gets updated every few seconds so that you always have an up-to-date view. The Iteration Board consists of tiles giving you key information on the selected iteration within the initiative that you are working on.

Click on a tile to get a full view.

  • Progress & People (click here for details)
    Shows you the progress, and work allocation of the iteration and breaks that down for each team member.
  • Burndown
    Gives you a breakdown of accomplished work, day by day since the start of the iteration.
  • Latest Activities (click here for details)
    Everything that has happened lately. Easy way to track what's happened lately. You can even turn that into an RSS feed.
  • User Feedback
    If you have installed and are using our Feedback Widget, you get access to the User Feedback tile. User Feedback contains every message sent through the Feedback widget and allows you to create an Item from a User's comment. This is ideal for Websites and Webapps.

    For instructions on how to activate and use the Feedback Widget, click here.

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