Source Control / Post-Commit Hook

Planbox integrates with Source Control Management systems like Subversion (SVN) or Git. Integration is done usng a post-commit hook from the SCM system. Click here for an overview and use cases.

Comments on an item and optionally closes it. No login required to do this call.

GET or POST Arguments

  • token: Your initiative token. You can find this on the Initiative Settings Page.
  • email: Your email, as a developer committing code. The same one as in your Planbox account.
  • commit_id: The commit number.
  • message: The commit comment or message.


Returns this JSON object:

{code: <result_code>, content: <result>}

Where <result_code> will be 'ok' on success, or 'error' on failure.
Where <result> is a result message, or an array of result messages.

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