Organization Permissions


A user who creates an organization becomes the owner of the organization.
  • He is the only one who can delete an organization
  • All other rights are identical to the "Manager" permission
Ownership of an organization can be transferred (click here for details)

To have more information on setting the "Owner" permission, click here


Organization managers have the rights to do all of the following:
  • Rename an organization
  • Invite one or more members 
  • Set members as organization managers
  • Change the participation level from Collaborator to Observer (free member)
  • Remove a member from the organization
  • Upgrade or downgrade the organization plan
  • Change billing information
  • Create an initiative
  • Move an initiative
  • See all initiatives of the organization - not only the ones they are member of
  • Have administrator permissions on all initiatives
To have more information on setting the "Manager" permission, click here

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