2015 Updates

Dec - New Planbox Boards module for iteration, project, work and anything planning

See Intro to Boards for more information.

- Initiative configurability improvements

Can show or hide Burndown Chart and Iteration Summary in the Iteration View. See new options in Initiative Settings\Features

Nov - Archived Initiatives are no longer shown in Dashboard view

- Timeline can now be shown or hidden on the standard Dashboard view.

- API URL has changed from https://www.planbox.com/api to https://work.planbox.com/api

As part of the redesign of the Planbox website and new product offerings, Planbox Work's  API has been moved to this new URL base effective November 3, 2015.

Oct - User requested improvements

Added To-do filter
You are now able to copy paste text of Tasks and comments in past iterations (periods)
Create New Project is now a main menu item on its own - it was originally in the Actions menu in the Items & Tasks page

Oct - Archiving an Initiative now pauses iterations (move to history) for that Initiative. You can un-archive to reactivate an iteration.

See Initiative Details for more information.

- Added pagination on Todos page.

- Google and Outlook calendar integration (beta)

See Calendar Integration for more information.

Oct - Search for Items & Tasks across all Initiatives (beta)

See Searching for Items and Tasks for more information.

- Initiative management

You can now archive and sort initiatives. Archived initiatives will no longer appear in the left menu. See Initiative Details for more information.

 - New timesheet system (beta) - enabled for a limited number of organizations.

Aug - Timeline view, bulk editing and many more improvements:


New Timeline section - shows all system activity
Bulk editing (multiple select) of items
Added recent activity in dashboard
New design for calendar section
New design for todos section
New design for profile section


Optimized chart design and loading speed
Cursor to indicate row item is clickable in Todos
Improved menu toggle behavior
Confirmation message before user can delete a project

Bug fixes:

Items and tasks - Fix error message after item deletion
Items and tasks - Fix project not showing
Settings - Fix side menu for initiative and organization settings
Settings - Fix un-clickable link to edit roles
Timesheet - Fix route not found for download as csv button

Jul - Confirmation message before user can delete an organization

Jul - Show number of items completed in dashboard

Jul - Show current organization in top bar

Jul - Deleting a user's account

Users who want to delete their Planbox account must transfer ownership or delete any organizations they own.

Jul - Transfer ownership confirmation message

Jul - Initiative delete confirmation message

Jun - Internet Explorer 9+ support

Jun - Major upgrade to our cloud server infrastructure

Jun - Launch of status.planbox.com

status.planbox.com is where we announce planned outages and provide any status updates on any outages, integration issues, or other operational updates.

Mar - Calendar

Calendar view of a user's work load, deliverables and deadlines by initiative or for all initiatives.

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