2016 Updates

December - Fixes and small enhancements:
  • Search for items and tasks speed improvement
  • Added Task start date 
  • Moved terminology to its own section in the organization settings page
  • Multiple backlog columns in board view
  • Support for adding dependent tasks for backlog items
  • Timesheet report group by user view - user information also added to time data export
November  - Board enhancements:
  • You can now change the color of a board column or card
  • Images and documents can be attached to a card directly from the board view
  • You can make comments and review them directly from the board view
October - There are now two initiative types to choose from: Standard or Agile. 
  • Standard - simplest way of managing the work week.
  • Agile - best suited for project management and agile PM gurus that want to have more flexibility and power from day one
See Initiative Types for more information.

- You can customize the application's terminology to adapt Planbox Work to your preferred project and work management terms. The changes are applied immediately throughout the application.

- The application now supports 2 font sizes, regular and large, to accommodate using Planbox Work on projectors and other displays.

- You can now move an Item (a story) from one Initiative to another. All the tasks for story are also moved to the other Initiative. 

July - Dependant Tasks can be used to indicate that a task cannot be worked on or completed until one or more dependant tasks have been completed.

See Dependant Tasks for more information.
June - Free hand (planning) board type is now fully supported and the board feature is no longer in preview mode.

See Intro to Boards for more information. 
- You can now invite members from an existing Initiative. This is particularly helpful when you create a new Initiative.

May - Added new item types based on Planbox Work administrators' feedback: You can choose the types of items that can be created for every initiative.
  • Marketing General
  • Operations
  • PR = Public Relations
  • Website
  • Content
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC = Pay Per Click
  • Satisfaction (used to track Customer Success related work)

May - Completed tasks are no longer shown on the work calendar by default. Added option to show completed items.

May - Added Todo sort options

- Show and add comments and attachments directly from a Board

Apr - Allow customization of future tab display accessibile from the Initiative Feature setup page.

Apr - Project members are properly sorted now

Apr - Fixes:
  • Fix pagination in timeline and todos
  • Fix double timer bugs
  • Fix weekly and daily digests not being sent
Mar - Move to History has been added to the Action menu and can now be performed at any time for the current iteration

- Show date and time an Item was created, by whom, and when it was last modified

- Added confirmation message for deleting Items (user stories)
- Freehand and Project Planning Board types are now supported

See Intro to Boards for more information.  

Jan - You can now switch between Items & Tasks or Boards view for any Initiative.

See Intro to Boards for more information.

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