How to report a bug

Despite code reviews, automated unit testing, peer testing, quality assurance and all the other measures we take to create the highest quality solution, it is virtually impossible to make any software entirely bug-free. You are bound to run into a Planbox bug at some point. And when you do, we will fix the bug as quickly as possible.

We first need to reproduce the problem before we can develop a fix. The fastest way for us to work on a fix is when our support team can just follow the steps you took to reproduce the problem in our testing environment. If we cannot reproduce the problem we will not be able to fix it. When you encounter an issue while using Planbox, we really need your help. You are the only one who knows exactly what happened. The more clearly you can explain what happened and how to reproduce the problem, the sooner we can reproduce and fix it. So here is a checklist to help you report bugs.

Bug reporting checklist

1. Steps to reproduce

Step by step: clearly explain every step you took, what you did/typed/clicked on

Screenshots: Where relevant, screenshots with comments for a numbered step are very helpful for us to quickly visualize the problem you encountered

Screen recording: Even better, you can use a free program like CamStudio to record your actions and results, upload the video on YouTube (upload to YouTube if the file is too large - you can make the video private in the sense that only someone who has link would see it) and send us the link

2. Expected outcome

Explain what happened and what you expected to happen.

3. Error messages

If you see any error messages while you are performing a task then please include them in the bug report. Error messages can be very useful in helping us find out the root cause of the issue(s).

4. What changed

When did you start to experience the problem? If everything was working fine before then help us identify what, if anything, changed in your system (browser type, version, system configuration, new anti-virus software) just before the issue manifested itself.

By following this simple checklist you will help us reproduce and fix the bug much faster.


Here is an example of a good versus not-so-good bug report that was actually reported by Planbox users.

Not-so-good bug report

The system is very slow. I cannot do anything.

Good bug report

The browser hangs when I try to create an item.

1. Log into the system as an admin (or I think any user)
2. Load any initiative's Items & Tasks page
3. On top editable text area type an Item and click on Add

The browser hangs. I have to kill that tab and create a new browser session.

Note: this was working fine until this morning and nothing has changed in my system configuration or settings, as far as I can tell.

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